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Introducing Pagát Gold Ltd.

Since 1991 in the forklift industry

The founder of the company started working more than 30 years ago running a garage-company in Budapest. Today, the 50-person firm has a determinative position on the Hungarian forklift market. Our core business includes sale of used and new forklifts and warehouse equipment, rent and service of forklifts, sale of spare parts, and we also deal with aerial platforms and special material handling equipment.

We are an exclusive dealer of Yale forklifts in Hungary and the dealer of other global producers of special trucks, such as AUSA, Mariotti, OMG, Raniero, ICEM and Zallys.

The Yale forklift

Reliable lift trucks with excellent support

Yale is a large, global organization, but not a cold, faceless one. The global presence gives the ability to build, develop and manufacture at scale and with consistent quality. Yale® materials handling equipment is designed, produced and marketed in 19 facilities worldwide, including 12 production facilities.
Product design and manufacturing processes are applied globally to improve effectiveness, share best practices and ensure consistency. Supply chain and procurement functions leverage global market to source components and aftermarket parts that are both high quality and competitively priced.

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Services we offer to our customers

Sale of new and used forklifts

Whether you are buying a used or a new forklift, there is an option that we purchase your used forklift. Our expert colleagues will help you choose the most optimal forklift for your activity.

Technical service

Regular maintenance and occasional servicing of the forklifts in case of the sold or rented forklift trucks are also possible.

Short-term forklift rental

Rental period from 1 day to 1 year, which applies to indoor electric and LPG forklifts, pedestrian pallet trucks, cherry pickers and diesel forklifts, off-road trucks for outdoor use. We provide all documentation in English as well to meet your need.

Long-term forklift rental

Most of our machines are available for lease, usually for a period of 24-60 months. In this case the contract includes regular maintenance and occasional repairs as well. We provide all documentation in English as well to meet your need.

Forklifts safety regulation

We also help our Partners to meet safety regulations providing all documentations and periodic examination of the forklifts on request.

Forklift fleet management

Yale offers the most modern technology for the medium and large enterprises. Full tracking of forklifts enables production to become even more efficient.

Our company and the Yale

Wide range of trucks

Electric forklifts

1,5-5 t with Li-ion or lead acid battery, for outdoor and indoor useage. Non-marking tyres and different cabin options.

LPG forklifts

With a load capacity of 1.5-12 tones, optional with a long fork, fork extension or adapter.

Diesel forklifts

With a load capacity of 1.5-12 tones, optional with a long fork, fork extension or adapter.

Reach trucks

1-2 tons load capacity with a maximum lifting height of 12 m.

Pedestrian pallet trucks

Pedestrian pallet trucks and high lift trucks with a load capacity of 1-2 tons.

Off road trucks

1.5 - 3.5 tones load capacity forklifts and telehandlers

Mobile forklift ramps

You can temporarily fix a truck dock with an easy installation option.

Cherry pickers

Electric, indoor personal lifts, up to 5m working height.

Our offer to our Costumers:


For more than 30 years, our company has been working with forklifts as a brand-independent service specialist throughout the country. Our rental fleet is about 300 units; 26 technicians travel the country with 20 service cars and maintain the forklifts

Cost effectiveness

We find solutions for our partners that are perfect and at the same time economical. Whether it's buying or renting, our colleagues will find for you the best offer.


Pagát is known for its reliability and punctual adherence to deadlines. Whether it's a forklift rental or service, offer, the desired part, pallet stacker or forklift can reach your site within 24 to 48 hours.


If you're not sure which truck would be the most efficient for the task to be performed, our expert colleagues will help you choose the most suitable forklift.

Consideration of special needs

We can satisfy even the most special needs when it comes to material handling. Adapting to individual tasks, you can buy or rent our trucks with adapters, fork extensions or other accessories as needed.

Discounted option for the duration of the service

If you order maintenance of your own forklift from us, you can rent a replacement forklift at a discounted price for the duration of the reparation.

Delivery and service nation-wide

We deliver the trucks from Budapest to any point in Hungary. Our mechanics work all over the country every day, so we are also flexible and fast with maintenance and troubleshooting.

Partnership with our customers

Our partners are happy to return to us as a supplier. There're personal relationships between the employees of our company and our Partners.


Can’t find the right product? Our English-speaking colleagues will help you. Send us a message using the form below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.